Hi! My name is Marian and most times am a good person😌 (ask my cousin, Suya) There are thousand of people viewing this site alongside you (or you may just be the only one😑)

Truthfully, this is my second attempt to OWN a blog so i do care and I’ll be crying my eyes out each time you decide to swerve my posts😭 so pleeeeeeZZZZZ don’t’!

Yep! I’m basically going to own this space and i invite you all to share this space with me as we explore truth, love and ( ermm i haven’t quite figured out what the last one should be😁)

Let’s LIvE, LOVe, and LeARn!

For life is too short to waste a second

images (4)

P.S: My favourite line from Five Feet Away…didn’t get me teary as Fault in Our Stars did…but i loooooovvvve it! 

If you don’t find me here, i will probably be on The Teens Network Daytime Show


See you around! Or not…


The Girl With Many Talents.



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