Love yourself? Yea right! Tell that to an eighteen year old teenager who has a body that looks like it’s a warehouse for all the fat in the world.

yytyt.jpg I am what I (and I imagine most people) would call short, 4”9 in height to be precise, with beautiful “yam legs” like a typical Nigerian would call it, and a tummy as big as five Vitaform pillows all stacked together. Yea I know right. What infuriates me the most is that my three best friends are all physically endowed with lovely figures, flat tummy, tall and straight legs, flawless skin and so on. Those witches! Sometimes, I feel like I have committed a grave sin against God, “why isn’t he looking at me! I am one of those girls who are placed on a “before and after” weight lost advert, me being the former. I just want to die!

Well, just when I thought the devil had secured a permanent residence beside me to torment me, I came across a site which provides remedies for instant weight lose within a short period of time.  What luck! I said to myself.  After viewing the site, I resorted to purchasing the drugs recommended on the site which would help me loose a hundred pounds in seven days. mmm.jpgWell, so I thought. I threw caution to the wind and starved myself all in the name of “dieting”. “I am losing weight, I am going to become fit and sexy”, I would tell anyone who cared to listen. But the truth is; I never did. It was all my imagination. Okay, I really cannot remember the details but one fateful day, I slumped. One minute, I was being dragged by some deleterious looking monsters to only God knows where, and not until I asked the scary looking man beside me where we were heading, did I know that the dark path we took led to hell. I screamed, and the next minute I saw myself being surrounded by some people in white, phew! I thought I had been rescued and taken to heaven until something pricked me hard on my buttock.

The nurse who administered the drugs looked at me scornfully and mumbled to herself. baAt a point she hissed and said to me “as you fine reach you wan kill yourself abi, see all the drugs wey you pack for belle”. Although she spoke to me so savagely, but her words got to me. I realized I never for once appreciated my beauty, because I was busy trying to have the “perfect look” and be like others. Lol, you should see the look on my brothers’ faces right now.  I am admiring myself in my 7 feet size mirror (one of the few things I am proud of) and he thinks I am insane, well, who wouldn’t…lol.

Now I am happy to be alive, I love myself the way I am. Well, being short and plump isn’t a tragic thing after all…not after my encounter with death itself! indexWell, I just have to listen to my annoying brothers “I love you the way you are” speech. What a nice way to make fun of their pretty sister, lol.


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