“It’s a lie! You don’t have a father”, the first kid fired.

“I do!”, weary eyes responded in defense. She had a father, and although her mother had said otherwise, she knew she had one. Everyone did.

I sat outside my house, watching anxiously as the kids turned what seemed like a peaceful banter to a bloody war fuelled with the alacrity to prove the other wrong. Hands pulled hair, teeth teared into the other’s flesh, painful moans elevated to loud cries, adults scurried quickly from every compound to separate just two kids who were barely 5years old.

“Stop that you two!”, Nne nne commanded, a grandmother with no prove of motherhood, the awful fate that death brings.

At once, both parties stood apart, well more like the children’s mothers who had already began to tug at each other’s hair. Everyone respected Nne nne.

“Those two again!”, the on-lookers murmured amidst themselves. They had witnessed this scene a thousand times, and wondered why both families just couldn’t get along.

Everyone watched in awe as they reviled against each other.

“Yes! I don’t have a husband, but my child has a father and although he’s not here with us, she has me and i won’t spare anyone who speaks ill of my daughter! I repeat, no one!  Do you get that!”, her words sent shivers down our spines. “what happened to her?”, we all panicked.

She turned to her daughter and smiled,  her way of assuring her that she was safe. Her hands encircled in hers, she stormed into her apartment and slamed her Mahogany Exterior Home Front Entry door against the astonished faces of the Enugu residents. She was done being weak and ashamed, not when it came to protecting her daughter. The only reason she had survived all those hard years.

She was putting on a brave face, but Nne nne knew she was shattered. She could see right through her, the outburst of a thousand pains she had to choke down just to be strong for her little girl.

The influx of people who had come to witness the fight, slowly began to disperse. One question in everyone’s mind. One which only a few knew the answers to.

“Who is the child’s father? Where is he? And why did he leave?.

I know the answers to them all, but are you ready to listen?








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