The Teens Network Daytime Show.

I’m smiling creepy right now and am sure some people will do same while reading this. Okay, am picturing standing on a stage with spotlight and the drum beating non-stop as I welcome you to SEASON 1 of THE TEENS NETWORK DAYTIME SHOW!

Ermm, this is the part where you applaud. Thank you. Thank you.

Yes! The most anticipated radio show of the year is here and it’s closer to you than you’ve ever imagined!

Ready to meet the team?

Keep scrolling…

I’ve a lot of things to say about this guy, but in one word, he’s amazinnnnn!

Yeah, there’s a word like that, I just invented it.

I promise, am prettier in person than in pictures. Don’t argue,  just look at the sexy eyes.

It’s great to work with someone who has same goals as you do. This beauty is just the perfect twin!

Let me add that her smile is like Chocolate cake with cream cheese and strawberry toppings! Yummy!

It gets better! The show will be airing every Saturday in Lagos, Nigeria (11:00am) and Atlanta Georgia (11:00am EST), Nigerian time (4:00pm).

Don’t miss it! Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Link in on the official platform at to learn more about the show! Don’t forget to tune in on to listen to the pre-recorded show and share your opinion on what you think about the show.

Also, you can be a part of the show! Excited? Well, link in now at to get started!

So it’s Id el Fitr day! A free day for those who gets to have one and for those working their butts out on this blessed day, keep doing what you do and while at it, have super fun!

Have a lovely evening!

God bless!


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