You’ve dreamt of having an unforgettable grand style wedding? Hello sparkle! Here’s what you shouldn’t miss out when planning your wedding.


Well, everyone loves good music, but your guests who is 85% between the age range of 35-70, will go all “yagga” when it comes to the music of the 60s and 70s, an amazing ride back to the golden era of highlife and who’s better at taking us to that time of blaring horns and stylish bands and dance than the live bands? Reminiscing old times and sharing blissful memories as they begin to sing along, “murdering every lyrics“, atleast everyone remembers the artist name. Lol. Save the song for the adults and the dance for the youngsters. 


The “fuddyduddy” lady in the outdated 19th century attire, will get irritated by the flamboyant yoruba fashionista, who’s igele is abruptly obstructing her from admiring the lace illusion neckline peach dress worn by the beauteous bridesmaid, who is casting a disdain look at her aunt for being under dressed and all attentions are drifted away from the deliriously happy couples. My advice, avoid it like a plague! Go for a uniformed affordable attire with a unique colour, an “aso ebi“. Trust me, you just saved your party from looking like a festival of colours. Lol.


From twinkling string lights and sparkling chandeliers to luminous pinspotting, the right lighting is more than just functional — it also carries out your wedding style and creates an unforgettable ambiance. Add some lightning effect to your event, It does not only contribute to the wedding atmosphere but also serves as a decor. Well, i just love the romantic feeling it gives. Give it a shot!


Everyone wants a good shot at thier expensive “multidollar” attire, but no one’s ready to pay. Typical civilians! So, surprise your guest with the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to take as many shots as they want without having to pay a dim, they only have to go home without them. Let your wedding photographer capture all of the beautiful moments from your big day. Plus you have it all to yourself, your wedding photo album just got bigger. It’s your wedding, make it worth your “i do”.

P.S: Truth is, I haven’t attended a wedding in a long while, so my party spirit came up with this. If you can’t attend one, then write about one! Yes! I purposely left out the refreshment part! That is a story for another post.

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Yaay! It’s the Milazdiary segment on The Teens Network Daytime Show. Link in now at to listen. I’m starting my segment with a nice jamz that will juice your morning! Enjoy!

Have a productive day!

Stay blessed!



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